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Lioness Capital is a political and policy event-driven hedge fund focused on developed markets, concentrating on the United States. Lioness expresses its investment ideas in highly liquid, publicly traded equities. The fund runs a discretionary thematic portfolio to achieve high capital growth. Risk management is a core component of the investment process and is managed at position, theme and portfolio levels.

Changing trade, geo-strategic, regulatory and antitrust policies create opportunities – for those who can filter the noise. Lioness Principal has two decades of experience analyzing political events, regulatory changes, legislative actions, executive decisions, antitrust activities that impact certain industry segments and/or individual stocks. While some of our themes exhibit occasional sensitivity to market movements, ultimate returns of the portfolio are dependent on discrete policy and political events.

Lioness’ discretionary approach uses inputs that include – but are not limited to – a deep understanding and analysis of policy trends, legislative and regulatory processes, knowledge of key policymakers and their political constituents, structural changes in legal and regulatory framework, public opinion swings, as well as psychological and reputational factors. Analysis of non-economic motives, political bandwidth and “intensity” is fundamental to Lioness approach.